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1949 Crosley HotShot

Note: The yellow flames and Oregon O have since been removed and the rims painted yellow.

      This is the first year of the Crosley HotShot. It has a 80 inch wheelbase and weights just 1200 pounds. It came factory equipped with  a 44 Cubic inch - overhead valve 4 cylinder engine that produced 26.5 HP.



      The HotShot had been stored in a enclosed garage. It was a rust free car but was in need of a total restoration.

The HotShot was just what I was looking for, a "full restoration project".

That was 6 years ago and now I need to reduce my collection.

      The 1949-1952 Crosley Hotshot and Super Sports history is a fascinating tale that begins with one man, Powel Crosley, Jr., who got rich in other industries, but his first love was always automobiles. He entered the car business in 1939 with dreams of an American Volkswagen: a small, cheap economy model that would make every family a two-car family. Powel even sold them in his appliance stores as well as through auto dealerships.



The running gear prior to disassembly




      The body was mounted on a frame to keep it straight and true and then shipped to the local painter for painting.




A new wiring harness was installed along with headlights and windshield.



    Now ready to mate with the running gear.





      The engine was rebuilt including new pistons, rings bearings, forged steel crank with new bearings, valves ground and cam ground with mild race. The distributor was rebuilt along with the starter, generator, fan bearings, and water pump. Chrome work included valve cover and the side inspection plates on the engine.





    Dual exhaust with glass packs and chrome tips.



The frame was sand blasted and power coated. The gas tank restored. The rear end gone through, New rebuilt disk brakes installed along with new shock absorbers. New brake lines installed, New fuel line installed with fuel filter, electric pump and fuel sender unit.



Rebuilt disk brakes with turned rotors and new shocks.

       The rebuild included transmission, new clutch and pressure plate, Radiator re-cored, Dual Tillotson carburetors with Braje manifold and fabricated headers with dual pipes and mufflers. A electric fuel pump was subtitled for the original mechanical pump.

       New radial tires, hubcaps, shocks and beauty rings. All parts were cleaned, powder coated, polished or painted.


Crosley did relatively well in the postwar seller's market, building some 5000 cars for 1946 and over 19,000 for '47. Production did climb for 1948 -- to 28,374 units -- but would go no higher. The very next year, Crosley volume plunged nearly 75 percent in the face of a sated market and newly designed models from larger, more prosperous rivals.

Seeking salvation, Crosley turned to of all things, a sports car. Aptly named the Crosley Hotshot, this bare-bones two-seat roadster spanned a four-inch-longer wheelbase than Crosley's other cars but shared their chassis and beefier drive train. Since Powel designed his own engines, once he had developed a distinctive ohc four-cylinder engine and disk brakes, he was able to turn his economical mini-car into a winning sports car.



       Chrome work included the windshield frame, new glass and gaskets. All stainless steel polished and bumpers were purchased new.


       A maple wood burl dash was added along with naugahyde seats and new rubber floor mats. All instruments were gone through and including the original Crosley radio.

Turn signals and seat belts were added. 

The horn is installed and wired but the horn button needs work.  It does not have the top bow or top canvas.





As it is currently prepared.


        What made the Crosley Hotshot interesting was the racy, uniquely styled body featuring cut-away sides, a bulbous nose flanked by freestanding headlamps, and a spare tire jauntily carried on a stubby, trunkless tail.


       Though blessed with only 26.5 horses, the Hotshot lived up to its name with surprisingly good performance, due largely to its bantamweight build and sparse equipment. It was no race car in stock tune but, all things considered, it was a good goer. The typical example could do 0-60 mph in 20 seconds, the standing quarter-mile in 25 seconds at 66 mph, and 70 mph top speed.


     Included are many spares, including a complete engine, with crank case, cranks, block, pan, race cam valves and many other such as factory air cleaner, extra speedometer and many other Crosley related parts.


        The Hotshot has a body off restoration with virtually every part gone through and brought up to new condition.

It has been driven approximately 500 miles since restoration in 2012

1949 Crosley HotShot


Located in Eugene Oregon area.


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